Some Easy IRS Tax Resources

For businesses:

For individuals:

Possibly the best tax resource on the internet, the IRS website has lots of articles and information, FAQs, links to forms, and other useful tax-related resources for businesses and individuals.

  1. IRS Draft Forms 
    allows tax preparers to search for and view draft IRS forms, instructions and publications.  Please note that the IRS is providing drafts as a courtesy.  Do not file the draft forms or relay on the instructions and publications for filing.
  2. Audit Technique Guides 
    provides numerous audit technique guides which are used by IRS examiners during audits. 
  3. E-News Subscriptions 
    allows you to subscribe to over 20 different e-mail lists where the IRS provide tips and tax updates on various topics.
  4. Where’s My Refund? 
    to check the status of your refund.
  5. Connect with the IRS 
    covers how the IRS uses new and social media tools to share the latest information on tax changes, initiatives, products and services.  It also provides links to the new IRS smartphone application, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
  6. Identity Theft and Your Tax Records 
    explains what a taxpayer should do if you think you are a victim of identity theft.  It also provides a toll-free number to the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit.
  7. Exempt Organizations Select Check
    is an on-line search tool that allows users to select an exempt organization and check certain information about its federal tax status and filings.